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I'm back from my two weeks in London & I promise I'll have an all encompassing post soon. But for now, I just want to post about the Sweeney Todd premiere. 

As you know, I knew about the premiere ahead of time, but didn't actually think I had a chance of getting in or seeing anyone. I don't have patience and I didn't know how crowded it was going to be. Tiffany and I planned to meet Jess, Amanda, AJ and Rebecca in Leicester Square around 4pm to stand in line, figuring that was early enough. However, Tiffany and I went down to Leicester Square for lunch & shopping around noon because we liked the area. I was suprised to find barricades already in place and people standing inside the square. After a quick lunch at Pret A Manger, we bought food for later and headed into the barricaded holding pens to wait it out. We waited from about 12:45pm until 6:30 when the celebs started arriving. It rained almost constantly for 6 hours. We were wet, cold, exhausted, in need of a bathroom.... but SO EXCITED. Following are some pictures taken during the six hour wait: 

Included in this entry are many explanations & PICTURES of:
-alan rickman
-johnny depp
-helena bonham carter
-ed sanders
-jamie campbell bower
-tim burton
-jayne wisener
-the decorated Leicester Square
-the Odeon
-Tiffany & I looking uber excited

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